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Crappy Cartoons is a collection of cartoons characters (duh) hand-drawn by ZVIKY and minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They are constructed from various base layers, hairstyles, facial hairstyles, accessories, expressions, doodles, actions, and colors.
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Here's the utility you get

aside from another crappy pfp 😉

CRAPPY Roadmap

Crappy Cartoons are generated from hand drawings by ZVIKY. All graphics belong to the NFT holder. This means that if you own the NFT, you can use these Crappy Cartoons any way you want.

The Crew


"Artist" lol














These are pretty self explanatory, so you shouldn’t really have any questions, but if you do…here are the answers.
NFT stands for “Non-fungible token,” which means that it’s a unique, digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFT’s fundamental function is to be digital art. But they can also offer additional benefits like exclusive access to websites, event tickets, game items, and ownership records for physical objects. Think of it as a unique piece of art that can also work as a “members-only” card. Crappy Cartoons work like this.
New to NFTs? No worries, here are some steps on what you need to do to get your Crappy Cartoon.

Download the metamask.io extension for the Chrome/Brave browser or app on mobile. This will allow you to make purchases with Ethereum and can be found in the extensions tab. If you are on mobile, you must use the Metamask App Browser. You can purchase Ethereum through the Metamask Wallet using Wyre or Send Ethereum from an exchange like Coinbase. Click on Connect at the top of the page and connect your Metamask. Once joined, you will be able to purchase the NFTs in the mint section. You will be prompted to sign your transaction. FYI, there will be a fee associated with every transaction related to gas prices. Once you have made your purchase, your NFT will be viewable in your wallet and on OpenSea.
10,000 hand drawn, uniquely generated Crappy Cartoons by a 20 yr old with an iPad.
Isn’t everyone sick and tired of the great classic looking NFTs? Let’s stray from that a bit and share some crappy NFTs.
Obviously your NFT. As well, access to specific NFT holder only discord channels. We will also be doing giveaways and calls!

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